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Air Traffic Control – When Disaster Strikes

Air Traffic Control (ATC) is committed to connecting musicians with opportunities to help the greater community. Understanding that artists can serve as the driving force for awareness initiatives in the wake of disasters, ATC has studied the role of artists in disaster response for the past decade. The study revealed three clear stages of the process, which in turn led to the creation of a threefold plan for optimizing disaster response.

First, ATC notifies artists in its network within 24 hours of a disaster with suggestions for strategic action, prepared email statements, and posts for social media. The second stage involves the “When Disaster Strikes” Fund, which ATC recently created in conjunction with the Center for Disaster Philanthropy. Donations from artists and their fans go directly to the fund, which then strategically directs them to response units and rebuilding efforts.

During the third stage, ATC regularly updates artists about how their money and their fans’ donations have helped the cause. The updates include prepared statements that artists can redirect to their fans.