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Treasure Island Music Festival – A Green Event

The Treasure Island Music Festival maintains a dedication to reducing its carbon footprint. Since the festival’s inception, about three-quarters of the waste produced has avoided the landfill due to composting and recycling initiatives. In 2013, the festival utilized biodiesel generators that significantly reduced emissions of carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons. Organizers are encouraging attendees to walk, use public transportation, or bike to the next event in October 2014. Attendees can take a bus to the island from downtown San Francisco. Individuals who bike to the festival can even “check” their bikes with a valet.

In order to reduce waste caused by disposable cups, the Treasure Island Music Festival will fill personal water bottles with fresh, cold water for only a dollar. Alternatively, attendees can purchase stainless steel reusable bottles and receive free refills.

Last year, all concession stands used compostable materials and recycled napkins. In addition, all printed material associated with the festival was published on recycled paper. Festival organizers look forward to furthering their commitment to sustainability with new initiatives in the years to come.